EMEA PUG Challenge goes virtual and worldwide
EMEA PUG Challenge goes virtual and worldwide
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A New and Improved Website!
You're looking at a new and improved website. We've worked hard to get it online and hope you like it now that it has been lauched!
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20 years in 20 weeks - part 1
The first episode of the 20 years in 20 weeks series goes back to the founding in 2000 and the first full year of activity.
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The story of WITS
Twenty years is a long time and the story starts even earlier. Read all about it in this article.
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100% Progress!

Ever since its founding, WITS has always delivered solutions and services based on the products in the Progress family. So after all these years we are still #ProgressProud!

Our Mission:

WITS mission has always been to:
Supply our customers and partners with
superior Progress products and services
to give them a competitive advantage.

Software design and Development

Design and development of software solutions and implementations in Progress.

Database Administration and Monitoring

Data is the oil of today's business and it's all stored in databases. Therefor the administration and monitoring of databases is a key value to any company.


WITS offers Senior Progress Consultancy thanks to 30 years of experience in the field.

Partners and Customers

Book a free hour of consulting

  1. * Free hour can be delivered in maximum 4 parts
  2. * After the free hour you can get a paid subscription for additional hours or an offer for a specific project

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