Afraid of Progress OpenEdge 12.4?

June 17, 2020

Who's afraid of Progress OpenEdge 12.4? Well, nobody should. There's too much value in this release of OpenEdge that it would be a real shame not migrate to it.

A whole new database reorganize utility to takes away the need to do Dump&Loads offline!

A new DevOps framework based on Gradle.

Database enhancements like Auto-reconnect and BIM (a BI management helper process).

And remember what we already received in Progress OpenEdge 12.3

Buffer Hash Tables

Query server side joins.

And probably the most important feature in the 12.3 release can be summarized like this: NO MORE DUMPS & LOADS!!

Thanks to a new option on the proutil command TABLEREORG a D&L can be performed without stopping the database...

Reorganize fragmented record data
The new PROUTIL TABLEREORG qualifier lets you reorganize fragmented record data while the associated table remains accessible to OLTP operations. The new process replaces lengthy dump and load operations, index rebuilds of associated indexes, and replication target rebase. Eligible record data must all be located within the same Type II storage area. Partitioned and multi-tenant tables are supported.
For details, see PROUTIL TABLEREORG qualifier.

And these are only a few of the exiting features available.

As always, WITS can help you in plan and execute the migration.

You can let Progress know when you're planning to migrate to version 12 by taking this Survey

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