Celebrating 20 years of WITS in 20 Weeks

June 14, 2020


A special year, a very special year. Not only has it turned out to be a "Annus Horribilis" due to the pandemic spread of Covid-19, it's also the year that WITS - Worldwide IT Solutions celebrates it's 20th birthday.

It was at the end of the beginning of the new millennium, to be exact on the 24th of October 2000 that Wim and Patrizia sat down in front of a notary and signed the foundation of a small "società in accomandita semplice or sas"" (limited partnership) called WITS.

Two weeks later WITS was written in the register of the chamber of commerce of Torino and a week after that, on the 13th of November, WITS officially started its activities.

"In exactly 20 weeks from now, this event has happened 20 years ago."

Stay tuned and come back to the website to relive the 20 year history of WITS.

Every week there will be new blog post to remember some highlights of the 20 years history. Every blog will also give you a word. Those who have read all blog posts and found the words can try to compose the final phrase. There's an Amazon Echo Dot to win for the correct submissions!

Click here to read the first part!

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